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At the office of Ellenton Family Dental, we understand the challenges of tooth loss. Therefore, we offer our patients high-quality dentures to help replace missing teeth and give your smile its health and beauty back.

Is the appearance and health of your smile tarnished by lost teeth? Missing teeth can create numerous problems not only with your appearance but with your oral health as well. Missing teeth can affect your ability to bite and chew with ease, the way you speak, and the shape of your face. When a few of your teeth are lost, the remaining teeth tend to shift out of position which can create bite imbalances.

Dentures are restorations that can help substitute for some or all of your teeth in a natural-looking way. They consist of a pink, gum-colored base with prosthetic teeth attached. We offer both removable and fixed varieties of dentures, depending upon your needs, desires and budget. They are custom-made to resemble the look and function of your natural teeth. Once inserted, dentures also fill out the cheeks and facial structure.

If only a few of your natural teeth are missing, we can provide partial denture that fills the gap created by lost teeth. If most or all of your teeth are missing, a set of full dentures may be the best solution. These are made to snugly fit over your upper and lower jaws, giving you a full set of replacement teeth.

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See Real Patient Reviews 
in Ellenton

Elaine Slough

Dr. Whaley is soft-spoken and always as gentle as possible. He is thorough and very honest and he does excellent work. His office staff is efficient and Tina is a great cheerleader for the patients. He is far more reasonable than other dentists in this area and has the most modern equipment I have ever seen in a dentist’s office.

Jenn Beckett

This has been one of the best dental experiences I have ever had. Attention to detail. Caring, kind, professional staff. So glad I found them. Highly recommended.

Nick Ellis

I had a toothache and I called them last minute to be seen and they accommodated my schedule and took care of my pain! Dr. Whaley and Tina are so professional and friendly I no longer have to be scared to go to the dentist! Thank you so much to all of the staff at Ellenton family dental.

Patient comfort is a top priority for Dr. Whaley, and he wants every patient to walk away satisfied.

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